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Ako neki program želite samo mi ostavite naziv programa u komentarima. U roku od 24 sata će te to moći naći na blogu!! Uživajte!!

Blog - siječanj 2008
četvrtak, siječanj 31, 2008
Program: ArCon Moj dom 2.5   [.rar 150 MB]

Link: 1.


Opis: Ovaj 3D program je na HR jeziku. Moguće dizajniranje interijera i  eksterijera, virtualna šetnja itd.Vidi "više".

Primjeri: 1&TPN=1

Rasprava: 1

Evo ga.
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srijeda, siječanj 30, 2008

Citation :
PowerArchiver offers hundreds of features, yet remains easy to use, small and fast. Novice users will find a familiar interface complete with tutorial and detailed help, while more experienced users can take advantage of full Explorer integration, multiple encryption methods and advanced compression algorithms. PowerArchiver is an award-winning archive utility for the Windows® family that provides support for most compressed and encoded files, as well as access to many powerful features and tools through an easy to use interface that seamlessly integrates with Windows Explorer.


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utorak, siječanj 29, 2008

Black XP v8.1 Lite DVD | 2.1 GB

Release Notes:
Re instated the 400 Glass Skins
Added All whole pile of third party driverpacks as well as Bashrats details below
Third Party: Third Party Drivers Compliments of Echo Planton & Bashrats
Input (aks HID)
Touch Screen
Virtual (aka VMWare)
SmartCard Readers
DriverPack Chipset
DriverPack CPU
DriverPack Graphics A
DriverPack Graphics B
DriverPack Graphics C
DriverPack LAN
DriverPack MassStorage
DriverPack Sound A
DriverPack Sound B
DriverPack WLAN

Download Links
Password :  

2.1 GB

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ponedjeljak, siječanj 28, 2008


Divx Pro 6.8
A simple question like “What is DivX?” probably deserves a simple answer, so here it is: DivX is a digital media format like MP3 for video. DivX technology compresses video to a fraction of its original size for efficient storage on your hard drive and easy sharing online
DivX Converter
- Store an entire video library on your hard drive without taking up valuable storage space
- Post your home movies to online video sites like DivX Stage6
- Email videos to a friend (or enemy)
- Transfer video to certified handheld or portable devices
- Play DivX videos with advanced features on DivX Ultra Certified products 

DivX Player 

- Full DivX video playback – Play any DivX video, including purchased or rented DivX movies
- HD playback enhancement – The DivX Player is optimized to give you the full value of DivX high definition (HD) video
- MP3 surround sound – Enjoy 5.1 channel, room-rattling MP3 surround sound
- DFX Audio Enhancer® – Manipulate and improve the sound quality of the MP3 audio in your DivX video files
- External subtitle support – Watch DivX videos with .srt subtitles
- Easy media management – Keep the art of the mix tape alive by creating the ultimate video playlists
- Download manager – Queue, pause and progressively play video downloads, even add URLs of DivX videos hosted online for automatic downloading
- Burn to disc – Drag and burn multiple DivX videos to disc from within the player for playback on certified devices
- Upload to Stage6 – Easily convert and upload videos to Stage6 from within the DivX Player Publishing Manager
- User account management – Activate and manage certified devices including
- DVD players, portable media players and more from within the DivX Player interface 

DivX Codec 

- Up to 50% faster decoding on multi-core computers for better HD playback
- New custom matrices that allow better fine tuning of the encoder for specific content types
- Compress digital video 5 to 10 times more than MPEG-2/DVD format and hundreds of times over raw digital video
- Encode high-definition (HD) video at resolutions up to 1080p
- Play DivX videos on almost any 3rd party software media player
- Achieve the perfect balance between visual quality and performance with six carefully optimized encoding modes
- Enjoy maximized performance for all multithreaded processors (Intel Core Duo and Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon 64 X2 and Athlon 64 FX)
- Reduce grain and low-light noise (common with DV cameras) without significantly degrading the video with the automated noise reduction feature

 DivX Web Player 

- Plays all DivX videos - Play any DivX video in your web browser
- Cross-platform support - Compatible with nearly every popular web browser
- Superior compression - Enables higher quality video at smaller file sizes
- Full-screen mode - Double-clicking on the screen switches playback to full-screen mode for a more cinematic experience
- Full-screen navigation controls - Left clicking in full-screen mode accesses convenient video navigation controls
- Windowed mode - Allows users to watch videos in a separate window while continuing to surf (right click on the player to access it)
- HD Playback - Supports DivX high definition (HD) video
- Skinnable - Allows webmasters to personalize the player to match their web pages
- Multiple audio tracks - Supports multiple available audio tracks
- Subtitles - Allows subtitles for multiple languages
- Desktop dimmer – Automatically dims the desktop screen around the web player while videos are playing for a better viewing experience

 Recommended System Requirements

 - Windows XP/2000/Vista (32-bit)
- Pentium IV 1.3GHz CPU or better for DivX Home Theater Profile video
- Pentium IV 2.8GHz CPU or better for DivX High Definition profile video
128MB RAM or better
- Graphics card with 64MB of RAM or more and supporting 24-bit color or better for Home Theater profile video
- Graphics card with 128MB of RAM or more and supporting 24-bit color or better for DivX High Definition profile video

Download Link
To ti je za video..
A antivirusa vec imam dovoljno na blogu..Preporucujem ESET NOD..

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nedjelja, siječanj 27, 2008

This tool downloads your files (just part) thus setting new expire date. You can download files selectively, just critical files or all.
You can import links from clipboard or from Premium Zone.

Size:1674 KB


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subota, siječanj 26, 2008

Rocky Balboa (Stallone) is finding life hard. His wife, Adrian (Shire) has
unfortunately died and the relationship between him and his son (Ventimiglia)
isn't fantastic. A virtual fight is played between an in his prime Rocky Balboa
and Mason "The Line" Dixon (Tarver). Rocky wins this virtual fight, which causes
the boxing world to become interest. Rocky can't resist the temptation, and enters
the ring for one final fight against Dixon

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petak, siječanj 25, 2008

The iPod Music Liberator allows you to copy music from your iPod to any computer, filling in a missing feature of iTunes. You see, iTunes only allows for a one way transfer of music from your computer to your iPod. But what if you want to move music to another authorized computer? What if you want to make a backup of your music? What if your computer crashes and you lose all of the music on your computer? What if you buy a new computer and need to move your music? What if … ? Use the iPod Music Liberator for all of your iPod music copying needs.


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četvrtak, siječanj 24, 2008
Hoaxfree Download

Portable Google Earth 4.2.0181.2634 with Sky Feature

Forget about going to a planetarium, Google Earth has expanded its view and is starting to focus on the stars.

Sky in Google Earth has launched. This new addition to Earth enables viewers to check out different areas in the universe, from distant galaxies light years away, to constellations and planets. You must Download the new version of Google Earth to get the features, then you’re on your way to checking out planets in motions and supernova explosions.

This data was partly built with Google’s NASA partnership and through the Hubble Space Telescope Observations.

With Earth’s new Sky feature, you can:
Zoom in to distant galaxies and nebulae
View constellations and the movements of the planets
Learn about the lifecycle of a star and different kinds of galaxies 
Create and share your own imagery, placemarks and more


I nije me jucer bilo cili dan kuci...I samo da vas obavjestim da mi je rodjendan bio jucer i sretan mi rodjendan..

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utorak, siječanj 22, 2008
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Microsoft Expression Design v4.0.2712
Win App | 47.5mb | RS.COM

Microsoft® Expression® Design is a professional illustration and graphic design tool that lets you build compelling elements for both Web and desktop application user interfaces
Flexible Vector Drawing
Use Expression Design's powerful vector drawing and editing tools to explore new artistic possibilities and create compelling graphic designs and illustrations. Integrate your vector artwork and bitmap images in the same document to create hybrid compositions

Dynamic Live Effects
Take advantage of Live Effects to apply high-quality effects and filters such as Bevel, Emboss, and Gaussian Blur to any vector or bitmapped object. Then change the effect, or change the object, with the confidence that Live Effects are always non-destructive and fully editable.

Expanded Workflow
Bring your existing vector-based artwork from other popular graphic tools into Expression Design along with JPEG, PNG, and GIF bitmap files. Then export in a wide variety of formats, including XAML code that you can easily use when building next-generation software with Expression Blend. Or seamlessly copy and paste your images into Microsoft Office while preserving transparency

Innovative Design Environment
Deliver applications that are more usable and achieve greater end-user satisfaction and productivity. Leverage the full power of the desktop and Internet to provide your audience with big-impact, high-performance user experiences that drive brand recognition and repeat use. Easily create localizable and accessible applications for global audiences.

Microsoft Expression Design System Requirements
Operating System
Microsoft® Windows® XP with Service Pack 2 (SP2)
Windows Vista™
Minimum System
Intel® Pentium® or AMD processor, 1 GHz
512MB of RAM
150 MB available hard disk space
1024 x 768 monitor resolution with 24-bit color
Graphics processor that is DirectX® 9-capable

Recommended System
Intel Pentium or AMD processor, 2 GHz
1 GB of RAM
600 MB available hard disk space
Microsoft DirectX® 9.0-capable video card with 256 MB or more of memory-for example, ATI Radeon® X300 or NVIDIA® GeForce ™ 5600 class equivalent or better.
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Alcohol 120% is CD/DVD emulation and recording software that allows users to copy discs. Store your most used or important CDs as images on your computer and run them at 200x speed from up to 31 virtual CD or DVD drives. Alcohol is compatible with more than 99% of drives available. It supports the latest image file types including - MDS, CCD, BIN, CUE, ISO, CDI, BWT, BWI, BWS, BWA and many more.

*** Alcohol 120% enables you to make a duplicate back-up to recordable media of nearly all your expensive Game/Software/DVD titles, and/or an image that can be mounted and run from any one of Alcohol's virtual drives.
*** No other software available enables you to create up to a staggering 31 virtual drives, allowing you to run your game images at over 200x faster than from a conventional CD-ROM. Alcohol 120% is a powerful utility that uses a unique combination of options to ensure a perfect back-up every time.
*** All you need is a PC combined with a CD or a DVD burner. No more replacing your expensive original discs due to loss, theft, scratches, or other media imperfections. Your duplicate works just like the original; your entire collection can be archived and your investment protected.
*** In the home: Have you had experiences with the common conditions of CDs/DVDs? They can easily get scratched, damaged, broken, lost or even stolen. Alcohol provides you with peace of mind and protects your investment.
*** Your original games/program discs can be safely stored away. Alcohol-created images mean that you always have your expensive media stored safely on your hard drive for instant retrieval at the click of a button. No more searching for the correct game disc or software application install disc, everything is at your fingertips.
*** You can now, for instance, simultaneously play your favourite game and bring up your route planner without having to eject and reload any physical discs, The 31 virtual drive ability of Alcohol means you can have the equivalent of a staggering 31 CD-ROM drives in your Home PC, all instantly accessible. You can simply and quickly run your Disc image at around 200 times faster than that of a conventional CD-ROM drive. If you need a program or CD it is immediately there - always ready to use!
*** At the office: Program discs and many other applications generally require the original disc to be in the computer's CD-ROM drive. This restricts the amount of people in your office who can have access to the same software at the same time without the cost of additional discs. Alcohol's virtual drives resolve that problem for you. No more hunting around the offices for that elusive disc you need to run your application, everything you require is just a click away.
*** With Alcohol you can store your CD images on your office server, your colleagues and employees at their respective networked workstations will never need to come asking for a CD again, they will not even require an expensive CD-ROM drive installed in their workstation PC! A simple click is all that is required for them to have full access to any disc image they require for their day to day work. Your valuable CDs can be safely kept under lock and key.
*** Does your company have a promotional CD for it's customers? Original pressed discs are expensive, using the Alcohol 120% writing engine you can copy the original to inexpensive blank discs for distribution to your customers and keep your overheads down.
*** Alcohol software offers unrivalled usage to people from all walks of life regardless of if you are a hardened game player, busy school teacher, salesman, IT manager, student etc. Alcohol has a niche in all your everyday computer needs. Let Alcohol help you to help yourselves and give you the peace of mind you deserve when it comes to expensive PC media.

Changelog version, 2007-07-02:
- NEW b5t, b6t and isz in image finder and shell extension options
- FIX Minor bugs found
- FIX Automount problem
- UPDATE Supported drive list
- UPDATE SPTD to v1.50

Homepage - 


I na kom.odgovaram sutra..Nemam vremena danas..pozz
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ponedjeljak, siječanj 21, 2008

Odlican arhiver..

WinRAR is a powerful archiver. It provides complete support of RAR and ZIP files, unpacking of ARJ, CAB, LZH, ACE, TAR, GZ, UUE, BZ2, JAR, ISO. Among WinRAR features are strong compression, volumes, encryption, self-extracting modules, backup facilities.

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nedjelja, siječanj 20, 2008
midtown madness 2

Midtown Madness 2 is a free roam racing/arcade sequel to Midtown Madness, part of the Midtown Madness series, developed by Angel Studios (now Rockstar San Diego) and published by Microsoft Game Studios, which features a range of vehicles which can be driven around London and San Francisco.

Super Mario Bross Forever 2007
Super Mario Bross Forever 2007
Download Link: 

Evo ih storm..

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subota, siječanj 19, 2008
Evo jedan program za izradu stranica..

WebSite X5 is a completely visual software: it does not require any HTML programming skills and it is the ideal tool for both home users and Web Designers who want to create and publish high quality websites with a professional look and feel.

In comparison with previous versions, WebSite X5 presents new interesting functions for the creation and customization of the site: editing functions for images, 3D buttons creation, intro possibilities, multi-language sites, HTML objects, e-mail sending forms, etc.
If you have a project in mind, a personal or company site, a digital photo album or an interactive presentation, WebSite X5 allows you in only 5 steps to pass from a simple idea to a complete and working website, already published and perfectly visible on the Web.

Step 1 - General Settings
Optimized Code for registration on Search Engines – Insert the requested information, also the Description and the Keywords: WebSite X5 automatically generates the code to allow Search Engines correctly indexing your pages.
Models – Browse the collection of more than 500 graphic models and select the one to apply to your site, with the color you prefer. If you imagine your site with a different look, create your graphics through the customized model and animate it with a Flash Animation.
Style model selection
Step 2 - Map Creation
Design and create the site map – Insert the levels and pages defining the menu and site articulation: you can set until 4 levels to organize an unlimited number of pages. You can modify the map in every moment and use it to move yourself among pages during the site creation phase.
Map Creation
Step 3 - Page Creation
Drag & Drop for multimedia page creation – Create every page through simple drag and drop of available objects: texts and images also with RollOver, Flash Animations, Video and Sound, Slide Show, Formatted Tables, Images Galleries, HTML Code, Data Sending Forms.
Editing Functions for the images – Edit the images rotating them, cutting the view area, correcting the regulations, setting filters and borders without using external graphical programs. WebSite X5 optimizes and converts automatically to JPG all imported images.
Object insertion
Create and share your photo albums – Select your best photos and create a Slide Show setting the graphics and selecting among the 50 different transition effects: share the memory emotion has never been so easy.
Enrich your pages of contents – Take advantage of the possibility of adding your HTML code to set a visitors counter and to show interesting contents to web navigators: news, weather forecast, work and estate offers, etc. WebSite X5 suggests you some free services and it is compatible with the AdSense program of Google.
Create form to send data – As simple as you manage the other objects, create a form to collect the data you want and make them be sent you by e-mail.
Step 4 - Advanced Settings
Create three-dimensional buttons – Customize the menus and create three-dimensional buttons through a proper editor defining also the mouseover effect.
Intro and multi-language sites – Set image, video or Flash Animation you want to view as site Intro, set a soundtrack and the links for language selection.
Reserved Area – Select the protected pages and create a reserved area to access to only with a password.
First level items style
Step 5 - Site Export

Publish through an internal FTP – Publish the created site on-line directly from WebSite X5: you don't need any external FTP program to transfer all necessary files on the server to make immediately visible the site on the Web. 
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petak, siječanj 18, 2008

Odlican program za skidanje videa s you-tube-a..

Download Info:
YouTube Downloader is a free tool that downloads videos from Youtube or Google Video and saves it as Avi or Mpeg file to your local computer.
YouTube Downloader allows you to easily grab and save desired youtube video.
simply paste the url of a video into the program, press Start , and the AVI or MPEG file will be downloaded into the selected folder.
You dont need any players to play flash video just play it on the defult media player clasic.
YouTube Downloader is a completly FREE Software. It contains absolutely NO ADWARE, NO SPYWARE, NO REGISTRATION, NO POPUPS, NO MALWARE or other unwanted software.

- Easy to use
- Download from Google Video
- Save youtube video as an AVI file
- Save youtube video as an MPEG file
- Save youtube video as an FLV file 

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četvrtak, siječanj 17, 2008
 Tko zna s rapidshare-om odnda je ovo odlican program za njega!!



Rapidshare And Megaupload Search Plugin Maker
Rapidshare Anti Leech Decrypter 4.0
Rapidmule Rapidshare Downloader
BrutalDown Rapidshare Tips And Hints
Rapidshare/Megaupload Speeder
Rapidshare-The Way You Like It
Rapidshare Account Generator
Rapidshare Leeching ******s
Unlimited Rapidshare With IE
Premium Account Checker
Rapidshare Links Decoder
Renew IP - Gigaset SE105
Rapidshare Time Resetter
RapidLeecher v4.5 Beta
Mac Rapid1.6a Beta11
Premium Accounts 115
RapidLeecher v4.4.87
Rapidshare Checker
Briefcase Leecha 1.83
Rapidshare Decoder
USDownloader 1.3.3
Get Rapidshare 6.0
Rapget v0.96 Beta
The Grabber v1.4.1
Link Grabber v3.1.4
MegaLeecher 1.0.4
Rapidget v1.0
RapidUp v1.1

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Najnoviji deamon tools..odlican program..

DAEMON Tools Lite Version 4.11.2
(included is SPTD version 1.53)
Changes in DT Lite 4.11.2 compared to the previous version 4.11.1:
- DT Lite comes now as one setup file for both X86 (32 bits) and X64 (64 bits) systems;
- Several languages updated (German, Dutch, Arabic, Ukrainian, Lithuanian);
Bugs fixed:
- check up for updates bug;
- minor GUI bugs;
Contiene anche:
-DaemonScript 1.6.2
works with DaemonTools V4.09! DaemonScript allows the user to create scripts that will mount, unmount, set emulations, and run appliactions. This allows the user to mount then run a game all in one click. DaemonScript includes a full user-interface, featuring tooltips, and drag-and-drop.
-YASU V1.2
.A.S.U. software application is a "SCSI-drive protector". Just run it once (per Windows session) in order to hide your SCSI drive(s). Re-Run Y.A.S.U. or Restart (your system) to restore your SCSI drives.
Java-based tool, similar to DaemonUI. This is the latest version, 2.05
-Securom_loader V1.2
Use this loader to start newer titles protected by SecuROM
-awxDTools for V4 - 64bit-version
awxDTools is a shell extension for DAEMON Tools. It adds mount and unmount entries when you right click on a image.
-awxDTools for V4 - 32bit-version
awxDTools is a shell extension for DAEMON Tools. It adds mount and unmount entries when you right click on a image.
-MDS-Viewer V1.0
A small tool to view MDS-files, f.e. to check the quality of your DPM
-Traduzione in italiano
-9 icon pack per la sostituzione dell'immagine nella tray(l'icona in basso a destra).


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srijeda, siječanj 16, 2008
Ovo je trenutno najnoviji Google Earth.. Pa tko hoce..

Google Earth combines the power of Google Search with satellite imagery, maps, terrain and 3D buildings to put the world's geographic information at your fingertips.
- Fly to your house. Just type in an address, press Search, and you’ll zoom right in.
- Search for schools, parks, restaurants, and hotels. Get driving directions.
- Tilt and rotate the view to see 3D terrain and buildings, or look up to explore the sky
- Save and share your searches and favorites.

Google Earth Pro For professional and commercial uses.

Google Earth Pro is the ultimate research, presentation, and collaboration tool for location-specific information.
With Google Earth Pro, it’s easy to research locations and present your discoveries. In just a few clicks, you can import site plans, property lists or client sites and share the view with your client or colleague. You can even export high-quality images to documents or the web.

Annotate and visualize
Represent your location-based data using 3D drawing tools, or transfer up to 2,500 locations by address or geospatial coordinates from a spreadsheet. The GIS Data Importing Module lets you incorporate GIS data in file formats such as .shp and .tab. Examples include parcel, demographic, and 3D building data.

Share and analyze
Share your Google Earth views and data representations with your clients as a KML, Google Earth‘s original file format. With your upgraded Pro subscription, you get additional measurement tools (square feet, mile, acreage, radius and so on), so simply select the points on the screen using your mouse and let Google Earth calculate the rest.

Create visually powerful presentations
Export high-resolution images up to 11" x 17" (4800 pixels, sample print - 890k), and use them in documents, presentations, web or printed materials. You audience can come along for the ride as you create your own compressed movies (.wmv, sample movie - 13MB) of the zooms and virtual tours you take in Google Earth.

Useful for many industries
Whether you’re in commercial real estate, insurance or media, Google Earth Pro lets you represent geo-specific information to full dramatic effect. Learn how it’s applicable to your industry.


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utorak, siječanj 15, 2008

Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 includes:

* Access 2007
* Accounting Express 2007
* Excel 2007
* InfoPath 2007
* Groove 2007
* OneNote 2007
* Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager
* PowerPoint 2007
* Publisher 2007
* Word 2007

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Ev ga storm-x....

Need For Speed: Underground 2Product Description
Discover the living, breathing world of Need for Speed Underground 2. Taking place in a massive, free-roaming city featuring five distinct interconnected neighborhoods, Need for Speed Underground 2 delivers an immersive game world where reputation is everything. As you explore the city, you’ll encounter rival racers who will school you in the ways of the underground and tip you off to the hottest racing spots in town. With the most comprehensive tuning options, all-new game modes, and the industry’s most sought-after cars, Need for Speed Underground 2 delivers the most authentic tuner experience ever.



Pro Evolution Soccer (2008)


Pro Evolution Soccer (2008)
Download Links


  Password brutus22

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Evo ga storm..

System Mechanic® 7 Professional is five complete products in one integrated package: everything you need to keep your PC safe, fast, and error-free. Fix problems, boost performance, eliminate crashes, defend against spyware, viruses, and hacker threats, and much more. Use one centralized system dashboard to automatically perform all vital PC maintenance.
More than just Internet security, System Mechanic® 7 Professional is a complete solution for PC protection, system optimization, and trouble-free maintenance. You need more than just security software to keep your PC running right. Without regular internal maintenance even the best protected PC will suffer problems and eventually grind to a halt. System Mechanic® 7 Professional contains all of the tools you need to defend against threats, and also keep your PC running smooth, fast, and healthy from the inside out.
Trusted by millions worldwide, System Mechanic® Professional sets a new standard for total PC security and optimization in one integrated package.
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ponedjeljak, siječanj 14, 2008

The new gold standard for Karaoke CD+G

Karaoke Builder proudly announces the next evolution of karaoke - Karaoke Builder Studio 3.0! All the features you could ever want from CD+G karaoke software, and some that you'd never believe possible! Prepare to be dazzled!

Karaoke Builder Studio is available now, and there is no other software which will give you the ability to make such professional quality CD+G tracks. And what's more, we've made it EASY!

The first professional-quality CD+G software available at an affordable price

Easy to use for the first-timer, but loaded with features to keep you happy!

The only CD+G software to let you create karaoke tracks as good as or better than the discs you sing along with at your karaoke events!

Tracks created with Karaoke Builder Studio will play in any karaoke CD+G machine

Karaoke hosts can create their own tracks Singers can bring along their own songs Professionals can (and are) using Karaoke Builder Studio to master their own commercial-quality CD+G discs.



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Još jedan odličan antivirusni program..

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 7.0 provides you with traditional anti-virus protection based on the latest protection technologies. You can work, communicate, surf the internet and play online games on your computer safely and easily.

Product Highlights
* Three protection technologies against new and unknown threats: 1) Hourly automated database updates, 2) Preliminary behavior analysis, 3) On-going behavior analysis. New!
* Protection from viruses, Trojans and worms
* Protection from spyware and adware
* Real-time scanning for email, Internet traffic and files
* Protection from viruses when using ICQ and other IM clients
* Protection from all types of keyloggers. Improved!
* Detection of all types of rootkits. Improved!
* Automatic database updates

Additional Features
* Rollback of unwanted changes on your computer
* Self-defense of the antivirus program from being disabled or stopped
* Tools for creating a Rescue Disk
* Free technical support


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nedjelja, siječanj 13, 2008
Tina Ivanovic 2008 - Novi CD album

01.Normalno (Serbien mix) 
02.Ne radi mi ono (Serbien mix) 
04.Miris ljubavi 
06.Crno mace 
08.Vileni vileni 
09.Ne radi mi ono 
10.Laku noc pameti 

Sasa Matic - 2008

Sasa Matic - 01 - Poklonite mi nju za rodjendan.mp3
Sasa Matic - 02 - Svuda si oko mene.mp3
Sasa Matic - 03 - Ne znam ja da muski poginem.mp3
Sasa Matic - 04 - Nista drugo osim para nemam.mp3
Sasa Matic - 05 - Naivna budala.mp3
Sasa Matic - 06 - Samo ovu noc.mp3
Sasa Matic - 07 - Dan za danom ide.mp3
Sasa Matic - 08 - Lanac srece.mp3
Sasa Matic - 09 - Pogresna.mp3
Sasa Matic - 10 - Nadji mi ti.mp3
Sasa Matic - 11 - Na cemu je ostalo.mp3
Sasa Matic - 12 - Sila si.mp3

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Uspio sam samo ovaj naci..

Primjer za WordTran:

Albanski - Hrvatski, Arapski - Hrvatski, Bosanski - Hrvatski, Brazilski Portugalski - Hrvatski, Bugarski - Hrvatski, Kineski - Hrvatski, Češki - Hrvatski, Danski - Hrvatski, Nizozemski - Hrvatski, Engleski - Hrvatski, Portugalski - Hrvatski, Filipinski - Hrvatski, Philipino - Hrvatski, Tagalog - Hrvatski, Finski - Hrvatski, Flamanski - Hrvatski, Francuski - Hrvatski, Njemački - Hrvatski, Grčki - Hrvatski, Hindi - Hrvatski, Mađarski - Hrvatski, Islandski - Hrvatski, Talijanski - Hrvatski, Japanski - Hrvatski, Korejski - Hrvatski, Latinski - Hrvatski, Latinsko Američki Španjolski - Hrvatski, Norveški - Hrvatski, Poljski - Hrvatski, Rumunjski - Hrvatski, Rumunjski - Hrvatski, Ruski - Hrvatski, Srpski - Hrvatski, Slovenski - Hrvatski, Španjolski - Hrvatski, Švedski - Hrvatski, Turski - Hrvatski, Ukrajinski - Hrvatski, Vijetnamski - Hrvatski, Velški - Hrvatski

TranExp patchevi:
- NeuroTran (sve verzije)
- VelikiRjecnik/VelikiRjecnikPro (eng-cro i ger-cro)
- Rjecnik (cro-eng)
- SearchTran (eng-cro)
- WordTran / InteractiveTran (sve verzije)

Svi patchevi osim za WordTran rade tako da će se patchani exe fajlovi ponašati kao svojevrsni licence generatori
jer ce prilikom prvoga pokretanja u datoteku win.ini ispisati validne licenčne brojeve tako da nakon prvog
pokretanja čak ni netreba više koristiti patchani exe. 

Patch za NeuroTran hrvatsko-engleski (hrvatsko sučelje) to jest za NeuroTran

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Meni najdrazi i sigurno najbolji program za skidanje glazbe...A ovo je i sada najnovija verzija pa zato...Što čekate???

LimeWire is the world's fastest P2P file-sharing application for all types of computer files, including music, video, pictures, games, and text documents. Other features include dynamic querying, file previews during download, advanced techniques for locating rare files, and an easy, clean user interface.

LimeWire's new spam blocker gets rid of junk results, and automatic updates will keep you sharing faster than ever with the latest version. You can search for Creative Commons and Weedshare licensed files, and publish your own creative works with Creative Commons licensing. LimeWire continues its guarantee of no adware or spyware.

Version 4.16.2 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

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Tražili ste evo vam...............
NeuroTran kutija
NeuroTran® je kompjutorski prevoditelj koji primijenjuje gramatiku i sintaksu.

NeuroTran® za sada postoji za englesko-hrvatski i hrvatsko-engleski te njemačko-hrvatski i hrvatsko-njemački.

NeuroTran® pomaže pri prevođenju:

  • poslovnih dokumenata
  • elektronskih poruka
  • internet stranica
  • pisama
  • cijelih datoteka
i ostalih dokumenata u računalu.

Standardni NeuroTran® razvija 5 milijuna oblika riječi, npr. kuća, kuće, kućama, kući itd. NeuroTran® na engleskoj strani ima 160.000 osnovnih riječi (pojavnica) sa 490.000 hrvatskih prijevoda, a na hrvatskoj strani 180.000 pojavnica sa 470.000 engleskih prijevoda. Rječnik sadrži britanski i američki engleski. NeuroTran®-ov rječnik je veći od svih postojećih rječnika na hrvatskom tržištu.

Ušteda u vremenu

Brojni eksperimenti koje je naša tvrtka provela pokazuju da se korištenjem NeuroTran®-a može uštedjeti do 80% vremena pri prevođenju dokumenata.

više informacija o programu:



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Najnovija i najbolja verzija Messenger-a...

Download Info:
The new version of windows live messenger Plus the latest patch to customise it how you want With the Messenger Plus Live Fix As Messenger plus Live isn't compatible with WLM 9 this fix allows it to be.

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subota, siječanj 12, 2008


Nešto što nitko nema. Tko voli nek izvoli......
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  E pa kad se odlučite hakirat rapidshare ovo će vam poslužiti

This tool downloads your files (just part) thus setting new expire date. You can download files selectively, just critical files or all.
You can import links from clipboard or from Premium Zone.

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Super program...Snjim mozete sami napraviti svoj header na blogu!!

New Features Of The New Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended Edition:
Nondestructive editing
Edit nondestructively with new Smart Filters, which let you visualize different image
effects, and Smart Objects, which let you scale, rotate, and warp raster and vector
graphics all without altering the original pixel data.
Rich painting and drawing toolset
Create or modify images with a wide assortment of professional, fully customizable paint
settings, artistic brushes, and drawing tools.
Advanced compositing
Create more accurate composites by automatically aligning multiple Adobe® Photoshop®
layers or images based on similar content. The Auto-align Layers command quickly analyzes
details and moves, rotates, or warps layers to align them perfectly, and the Auto-blend
Layers command blends the color and shading to create a smooth, editable result.
3D compositing and texture editing
Easily render and incorporate rich 3D content into your 2D composites — even edit
existing textures on 3D models directly within Photoshop Extended and immediately see the
results. Photoshop Extended supports common 3D interchange formats, including 3DS, OBJ,
U3D, KMZ, and COLLADA, so you can import, view, and interact with most 3D models.
Movie Paint
Enhance video directly within Photoshop Extended. Now you can paint, add text, and clone
over multiple frames of an imported video sequence.
2D and 3D measurement tools
Extract quantitative information from images with new measurement tools. Easily calibrate
or set the scale of an image, and then use any of the Photoshop Extended selection tools to
define and calculate distance, perimeter, area, and other measurements. Record data points
in a measurement log and export data, including histogram data, to a spreadsheet for
further analysis.
Faster, more flexible asset management with Adobe Bridge CS3
Organize and manage images more efficiently with next-generation Adobe Bridge CS3 software,
which now delivers improved performance, a Filter panel for easier searching, the ability
to group multiple images under a single thumbnail, the Loupe tool, offline image browsing,
and more.
Better raw-image processing
Process raw images with increased speed and superior conversion quality using the Photoshop
Camera Raw plug-in, which now adds support for JPEG and TIFF formats; new tools including
Fill Light and Dust Busting; compatibility with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software; and
support for over 150 camera models.
Enhanced Vanishing Point with 3D support
Edit in perspective on multiple surfaces — even those connected at angles other than 90
degrees — with the enhanced Vanishing Point, which also lets you measure in perspective;
wrap graphics, images, and text around multiple planes; and output 2D planes as 3D models.
Wide range of supported formats
Import and export an even greater range of file formats, including PSD, BMP, DICOM, Cineon,
JPEG, JPEG2000, OpenEXR, PNG, Targa, and TIFF. 

- New! Completely redesigned user interface.
- New! Fully customizable Windows & Shortcuts layouts.
- New! Smart filter.
- New! Auto Align & Auto Blend tool.
- New! Quick Select tool.
- New! Black & White Conversion control.

- Improved to camera raw.
- Improved cloning and healing.
- Improved curves controls.
- Improved printing controls.
- Improved bridge.

- Adobe Photoshop CS3
- Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit CS3
- Adobe Bridge CS3
- Adobe Device Central CS3
- Adobe Stock Photos CS3 

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Odlican antivirus.
ESET Nod 32 AntiVirus 3.0.566.0

ESET NOD32 Antivirus System - Integrated, Real-Time Protection against viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, adware, phishing, and hackers. Best detection, fastest performance & smallest footprint. NOD32 Antivirus System provides well balanced, state-of-the-art protection against threats endangering your PC and enterprise systems running various platforms from Microsoft Windows , through a number of UNIX/Linux, Novell, MS DOS operating systems to Microsoft Exchange Server, Lotus Domino and other mail servers.


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Najnoviji i najbolji alat snimanje, kopiranje,preslusavanje glazbe,gledanje filmova i još mnoštvo toga...


Nero 8 - The Ultimate solution for Data, Video, Photo, Audio and BackUp!
Nero 8 is a software solution that brings the digital world to your PC with features that make it fun and easy to create multimedia projects with high-quality, professional results. Create MP3 mixes and edit vacation videos in High Definition format. Share content around the world with simple Internet upload functions. Burn a disc with just one click, and then enjoy it in any room in your house with versatile streaming features. Rest easy knowing your data is safe in the event of a system crash or a damaged disc. Nero 8 lets you live the digital life with cutting-edge technology and world-class features.

Nero 8, the newest version of the world’s best-selling multimedia suite, brings the digital world to your PC. Now it’s easy to organize and manage all your multimedia files, as well as create and edit new digital content. Nero’s sleek design and user-friendly tools make completing projects fun and enjoyable.

Nero StartSmart 8 is the entry point for all functionality in Nero 8. With Nero StartSmart 8, all the powerful features of Nero8 are at your fingertips, making it easier than ever to complete your digital tasks.

Nero 8 comes loaded with a number of features that enhance Windows VistaTM. With the Nero DiscCopy Gadget, you can copy a disc of any format with just one click. With Rich Preview, you can view the contents of your files without having to open a separate application. With Nero MCE Plug-ins, you can burn and stream your content on a Windows Vista™ MCE powered machine.

New and Improved Features in Nero 8:
* Direct access to all features from the project launcher
* High Definition format support
* Xbox 360™ and PlayStation® 3 streaming features
* Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD burning support
* SecurDisc data protection support
* Copy a disc with just one click
* Graphics optimized for Windows Vista™
* Continual free updates

Supported Platforms: Windows XP / 2000 / Vista

Nero 8 Lite changelog:
- fixed Labelflash support
- VCRedist installer now hidden on silent install

Nero Lite Included:
Nero Burning Rom (with VideoCD Support and MauSau Audio Plug-ins)
Nero Express
Nero CoverDesigner
Nero WaveEditor
Nero Toolkit


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Odlican program za optimizaciju vaseg racunala.

TuneUp Utilities® 2008 optimizes the performance of your computer, corrects problems and helps you to customize your system to suit your needs.

It combines important aspects of system configuration, security, cleaning and maintenance under a modern interface. You can remove unnecessary files from your hard disk(s), clean and optimize the registry, tweak your internet connection settings, recover deleted files, optimize memory and more.

In addition, you can analyze your system, receive automatic suggestions for potential performance improvements and view detailed hardware information. TuneUp Utilities also includes an Uninstaller, registry Editor, Task Manager and even an Undelete tool to recover files that have been deleted from the recycle bin. A very nice tool, with many features that will appeal to novice as well as advanced users.

TuneUp Utilities 2008 makes Windows faster, more secure, and comfortable. All important aspects of system configuration, security, cleaning and maintenance are combined under a modern graphical user interface.

- TuneUp Utilities 2008 - Start Center.
- Reliable Protection for Your Data.
- Simple Hard Disk Organization.
- Simple Windows Customization.
- Perfect Error Correction.
- Simple 1-Click Maintenance.
- Optimum Start Acceleration.
- Internet and Windows Acceleration.
- Secure Data Rescue and Deletion.
- Individual Windows styling.

Your TuneUp Utilities advantages:
- NEW! Configures Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 2, Windows Media Player 11 and Office 2007.
- NEW! Automatically eliminates errors in the file system.
- NEW! Allows for simple clean-up of your disk drives.
- NEW! Deletes sensitive data using the secure D 5220.22-M and Gutmann methods.
- IMPROVED! Gives you intelligent tips to optimize your hardware and software.
- IMPROVED! Speeds up your system startup.
- IMPROVED! Scans your system for settings that might be slowing it down and corrects them.
- Reliably and completely removes unnecessary applications including their registry entries.
- Offers optimum Internet and system settings for every type of user.
- Defragments the Windows registry.
- Restores accidentally deleted files.
- Speeds up your Internet connection.


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